Our research group is located in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Iowa State University. We foster an interdisciplinary research environment where scientists and engineers explore fundamental and applied aspects of soft materials. The Soft Materials and Structures Lab is located at 3344 Hoover Hall in Ames, Iowa.

Research Focus

Our research lies at the intersection of soft materials, mechanics, and multifunctional composites.   Through precise experiments and analyses, we study and exploit the fascinating interplay between material composition, geometry, and programmed deformations.  This interdisciplinary and biomimetic approach aims to create soft materials with unconventional properties, including ‘smart’ adhesives, deformable electronics and robotics, and adaptive materials.

Recent News

1/2018 – Paper on kirigami-inspired adhesives published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 
1/2018 – Paper on mechanically triggered stiffness tuning with Thuo Lab published in Materials Horizons. 
5/2017 – Prof. Bartlett receives a 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award
4/2017 – Prof. Bartlett is awarded ESC’s student nominated Outstanding Faculty Award
3/2017 – Prof. Bartlett wins the Iowa State Research Day Lightening Talk session.
2/2017 – Paper on liquid metal composites published in PNAS. Featured by CMUPhys.org, & others.
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