Building and Facilities

Use the following department, college, and university resources to get access to MSE rooms and find and reserve computer labs and technology-enhanced rooms.

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Supporting Unit: MSE

Contact: Melissa Skinner,, 294-1224

Cost: None, unless a key/card is lost

Time: 1-2 days

Note: See Melissa in 2240 Hoover to get a blue Building/Room Access Request form, fill out and obtain required signatures, and return to Melissa to gain key access to rooms in Gilman Hall or card access to rooms in Hoover Hall. If your access card has never been programmed for any MSE space, you will need to drop it off at a time when you can leave it with the MSE staff for around an hour.

List of ISU computer labs

MSE computer labs (search by Hoover)

Reserve a MSE computer lab

Supporting Unit: MSE

Contact for reservations: Larry Genalo,, 294-4722 OR Melissa Skinner,, 294-1243

Cost: None

Time: Book computer labs at the end of the semester prior to the start of the class.

Note: Contact Larry or Melissa to request a reservation. Departmental course and non-course related reservations are subject to availability. ENGR 160 and other college courses take precedence over departmental courses. To have new or updated software installed on lab machines, provide Jason Shuck ( with the software and any licensing paperwork by July 1st for inclusion of the software in the fall.

Hoover conference rooms (2220P and 2240A Hoover) – Melissa Skinner, 294-1243

Hoover Classrooms – Room Scheduling

Hoover Lobby/Atrium – Michelle Lenkaitis, 294-0741

Building Supervisor – Michelle Lenkaitis, 294-0741

The classrooms and teaching laboratories for the department are located in Hoover Hall.

Our current laboratories contain all the items of equipment and experimental facilities that are necessary to teach the physical concepts and illustrate the important processing operations involving materials:

  • Metallography (3355 Hoover)–Light Microcopes, Micro Hardness Testers
  • Electron Microscopy/X-Ray Diffraction (3364 Hoover)– XRD, SEM and PSEM
  • Thermal Characterization/Mechanical Testing (3365 Hoover)– TGA, TMA, etc
  • Electronic Properties (3354 Hoover)
  • Materials Synthesis (3347 Hoover)
  • Polymer Processing (3344 Hoover)
  • Equipment Instructions and Standard Operating Procedures


MSE online resource scheduler

Internal Costs

NOTE: Prices double if scans are performed by an operator.

  • SEM– $40/hour
  • PSEM— $30/hour
  • XRD— $25/scan
  • DCS, TMA, TGA, DTA– $25/hour

External Costs

NOTE: Prices double if scans are performed by an operator.

  • SEM– $80/hour
  • PSEM— $60/hour
  • XRD— $50/scan
  • DCS, TMA, TGA, DTA– $50/hour