Building and Facilities

The Materials Science and Engineering department is housed in Hoover Hall on the west side of campus. Hoover holds a number of technology-enhanced classrooms, departmental student services, office space for faculty and staff, and laboratories used for research and education.

The MSE department also has office space for graduate students and a number of research labs in Gilman Hall.

Use the following department, college, and university resources to get access to MSE rooms and find and reserve computer labs and technology-enhanced rooms.

Supporting Unit: MSE

Contact: Karen Knight,, 294-8724

Cost: None, unless a key/card is lost

Time: 1-2 days

Note: See Karen in 2240 Hoover to pick-up a blue Building/Room Access Request form, fill out and obtain required signatures, and return to Karen to gain key and/or card access to rooms in Gilman Hall and Hoover Hall. Hoover card access doors are programmed daily, and Gilman Hall doors are programmed weekly.

Hoover conference rooms (2220P and 2240C Hoover) – Michelle Grawe

Hoover Classrooms –

Hoover Lobby/Atrium –

Building Supervisor – Michelle Grawe, 294-3304