Communication Resources

The MSE department and the College of Engineering College Relations Office work together to provide services such as news writing, media relations, marketing, college announcements, still photography, videography, and web programming.

College Relations contacts

  • Ann Wilson – Director
  • Travis Ballstadt – Digital Media Coordinator
  • Jessi Strawn – Communications Specialist
  • Bill Beach – Senior Graphic Designer

The following list represents core services offered by the the department, the college, and other campus units.

Supporting Unit: COE Relations

Contact: Bill Beach,, 294-1801

Notes: Only projects for the purposes of communications, recruitment, and/or marketing will be accepted

Department website

Supporting Unit: MSE

Contact: Aimee Burch,, 294-0080

Note: Contact Aimee for assistance with faculty directory page updating, to contribute to newsworthy stories, and to provide input/feedback on the department website.

Other websites

Supporting Unit: COE Relations

Contact: Bill Beach,, 294-1801

Single-line telephones can conference up to 3 parties, and multi-line phones can conference up to 6 parties.

Users with OCS (Unified Communications) can set up conference calls with up to 40 parties, dialing in or dialing out.

Third-party conferencing providers offer the capability for a larger number of participants (parties over 6). Third-party providers should also be used when you want participants to dial into the conference call using a special code.

Contact Melissa Skinner if you have telecommunications questions.