Account Balances

Using WebFM to check account balances:

Getting to WebFM

  • From ISU or MSE homepage, click on AccessPlus link
  • Login using ISU ID (or SS#) and network password (different than password used with ISU NetID)
  • Select uBusiness tab (upper right side of screen)
  • WebFM is located on the left side of the screen

How to find your balances

  1. Account Totals for state accounts (100, 200, 700, and incentive of 290, 490)
  2. Type in account number in boxes under WebFM – including section and project number
  3. Select Summary on left side of screen
  4. Monthly balances will be available
  5. Always use Uncommited Balance (removes encumbrances from current cash balance)

Viewing Transaction Details

  • This will allow you to view every transaction posted for each specific month
  • Click on Transaction Detail under the Account Detail section
  • Be sure to include Section/Project on non-grant accounts
  • Always opens with current month originally
  • You can sort the transaction by date, description, and reference number
  • Any number underlined means you can see additional information by clicking on it – this allows access to view the actual document sent to accounting
  • Viewing Payroll allows you to see who is being paid from your accounts

Viewing Grant Accounts

  1. Enter account number under WebFM
  2. Select Financial Report (under Sponsored Programs on left side)
  3. Balance will be located at far right under TOTAL Direct
  4. Click on Acct Info next to account number to drop down award end date
  5. You can also view Award Summary information by clicking the link on the left side

Viewing List of All Grant Accounts

  1. Click on Sponsored Programs under the Browse tab on the left side
  2. Enter your last name in the Start Browse box (cursor should automatically locate there)
  3. Select PI from the drop-down menu
  4. Click on your name from the list that populates
  5. You will be redirected to a list of all your grant accounts – from there you can see account numbers, sponsors, award titles, whether or not account is closed, and the term end date


  • Ability to Print Screen
  • Download button located at the bottom of the Summary page and also Transaction Detail page
  • Downloading can be saved directly into an Excel spreadsheet


  • State Accounts – view balances in summary screen only
  • Grant Accounts – view balances under Sponsored Programs (if viewed in summary screen the total will be wrong), grant accounts are all 400 accounts except 490s
  • Foundation account balances cannot be viewed in WebFM – contact the MSE Fiscal Officer to obtain this info