Room Reservations

Hoover Atrium reservations

  1. If you are reserving the Hoover Atrium for use by an ISU Student Organization, go here:
  2. All other individuals and organizations can use this form to reserve the Hoover Atrium
  3. Complete form and submit to and copy Michelle Grawe,
  4. Your reservation will be added to the MSE atrium calendar after Michelle Grawe approves your request

University classroom reservations

  1. Make reservation through Room Scheduling
  2. Use the “departments” link for room reservations related to departmentally sponsored events and the “students organizations” link for room reservations related to student events

Hoover 2255, 2260, 2264, and 2268 (COE Computer Labs in Hoover)

Contact Cory Johns

Hoover 1360

Contact Josh DeLarm