Bio- and Bio-Inspired Materials


Biomaterials are a class of materials that interact with living systems. It is a rich, multidisciplinary field that brings together researchers from a variety of fields, including materials science and engineering, bioengineering, and chemistry. At Iowa State, our researchers are looking at new ways to improve healthcare and agricultural applications through their work on drug delivery systems, tissue engineering, and nanomaterials.

Research Faculty

BratlieDr. Kaitlin Bratlie‘s work focuses on polymers and how they interact with biological tissue. Her lab group works on a variety of projects that create new and improve upon existing cancer drug delivery systems and tissue engineering applications for diabetes therapy and treatment.




LC 2Dr. Ludovico Cademartiri works with plants in engineered environments to create material solutions to develop better understandings of seed germination, plant development, and soil erosion. His lab group also focuses on nanomaterials, exploring alternative uses of plasmas in chemistry and materials science and the extension of the properties of polymers to crystals.