The department offers MS and PhD degrees with a major in materials science and engineering.

Graduates are able to address complex problems in materials science and process design while considering the various constraints inherent to both industrial and research environments.

They are skilled in carrying out independent and collaborative research, communicating research results, and writing concise and persuasive grant proposals.

Program of Study

Research Centers

Research in the department is administered through the College of Engineering and Institute for Physical Research and Technology (IPRT) Centers such as the

  • Ames Laboratory
  • the Center for Nondestructive Evaluation
  • the Microelectronics Research Center
  • the Center for Advanced Technology Development

These centers provide excellent facilities and give graduate student research assistantships.

Concurrent Degree Program

Qualified juniors in materials engineering interested in graduate study can apply for concurrent enrollment in the Graduate College to simultaneously pursue BS and graduate degrees.

Graduate assistantships can be awarded to students concurrently enrolled.

MSE Minor

Graduate students is other departments who wish to declare a formal minor in materials science and engineering will have at least one MSE faculty member serving on their advisory committee.

For an MSE minor in an MS degree, students will take at least eight MSE course credits; 12 credits for a minor in a PhD degree.


Get Paid to Learn

Research assistantships and teaching assistantships are available to qualified students to help offset the cost of graduate education. In addition, there are graduate scholarships and fellowships available to highly qualified students.

Learn more about financing your graduate education.


Admission to Graduate Study

The Graduate Admissions Office handles all admissions to Iowa State graduate programs.

Prerequisite for Graduate Study

To begin graduate work, you must complete an undergraduate curriculum in physical science or a related engineering program.

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