Transfer students

How to transfer and become an ISU student:

  1. Apply to ISU
  2. Receive an acceptance letter from ISU
  3. Pay your admittance fee to the university
  4. Meet with your MSE academic adviser

Campus Visits

Schedule a campus visit with the Admissions Office. When you come for your visit, you will go on a campus tour, attend information sessions, and talk with an academic adviser.

Transferring from a Community College?

Use the transfer plans for the College of Engineering to find courses that transfer from various Community Colleges in Iowa and Illinois to the Mat E undergraduate program at ISU.

Find out which courses can be transferred to fulfill the U.S. diversity and international perspectives requirements.

It is also required that you fulfill the First-Year Composition requirements (English 104 and 105). A transfer credit evaluation by the office of admissions will determine whether or not any composition courses taken at your community college will transfer as ENGL 104 and/or ENGL 105.

Transferring Coures

After applying to ISU, the Admissions Office will review your transcript from the other institution. Admissions will send you a Transfer Credit Evaluation form indicating which courses were accepted to transfer to ISU with your official admissions letter.


  • Only courses with a grade of “C” or better will be considered.
  • Not all courses that transfer to ISU can be used toward the Mat E undergraduate program.

Courses not on a List of Approved Transfer Courses

If you do not see some of your courses on the list of accepted transfer courses, contact Admissions directly at 1-800-262-3810 for a Transfer Credit Evaluation of the course(s) in question.

If Admissions evaluates the course as a 100-, 200-, or 300-level course, that means that it is not a specific ISU equivalent course. Rather, it is a freshman (100), sophomore (200), or junior (300) level course.

Once you are on campus, you can have a faculty member from the appropriate department (i.e. the sociology department if it’s a sociology class you want evaluated) conduct a specific review of the transfer course.

If you want to determine whether a particular course would prepare you for the next course in a prerequisite sequence, it is recommended that you take the course and have it reviewed when you arrive on campus.