January 24, 2022

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Raman spectroscopy study of the structure of lithium and sodium ultraphosphate glasses
JJ Hudgens, RK Brow, DR Tallant, SW Martin
Journal of non-crystalline solids 223 (1-2), 21-31

Neutron scattering studies of oxide and chalcogenide glasses
AC Wright, J Cho, AG Clare, SA Feller, AC Hannon, BC Johanson, …
Proc. VI Int. Otto Schott Colloquium, Jena, 186-191

Method of making a surgical laser fiber from a monolithic silica titania glass rod
SW Martin, GJ Shirk
US Patent 5,755,850

Structure of vitreous P2O5 and alkali phosphate glasses
K Suzuya, DL Price, CK Loong, SW Martin
Journal of non-crystalline solids 232, 650-657

Structural Study of xNa2S + (1−x)B2S3 Glasses and Polycrystals by Multiple-Quantum MAS NMR of 11B and 23Na
S-J Hwang, C Fernandez, Jean P Amoureux, J-W Han, Jaephil Cho, Steve W Martin, Marek Pruski
Journal of the American Chemical Society 120 (29), 7337-7346

Short range order in sodium borosilicate glasses obtained via deconvolution of 29Si MAS NMR
G Bhasin, A Bhatnagar, S Bhowmik, C Stehle, M Affatigato, S Feller, J MacKenzie, S Martin
Physics and chemistry of glasses 39 (5), 269-274

Methods for laser treatment of tissue
SW Martin, GJ Shirk
US Patent 5,829,445