January 24, 2022

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Investigation of the Short Range Order in Sodium Thioborosilicate Mixed Glass Former Glasses
SW Martin, B Curtis, C Francis, S Kmiec
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 521, 119456(1-13)

23Na Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study of yNa2S + (1-y)[xSiS2 + (1-x)PS5/2] Glassy Solid Electrolytes
A Shastri, D Watson, Y Furukawa, Q Ding, SW Martin
Solid State Ionics 340, 115013(1-12)

Structural Properties of Alumina-doped Lithium Borovanadate Glasses and Glass-Ceramics
M Kindle, S Kmiec, IdA Silva, H Eckert, SW Martin, M Song
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 521, 119551(1-11)

Investigations of the Structure of Na2S + P2S5 Glassy Electrolytes and its Impact on Na+ Ionic Conductivity through Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Submission
S Banerjee, SW Martin, A Dive, Y Zhang, Y Yao
Solid State Ionics 338, 177-184

Liquid Metal-Elastomer Soft Composites with Independently Controllable and Highly Tunable Droplet Size and Volume Loading
R Tutika, S Kmiec, ABMT Haque, SW Martin, MD Bartlett
Applied Materials 11 (19), 17873-17883

Structures and Properties of Oxygen Substituted Li10SiP2S12-xOx Solid State Electrolytes
K Kim, SW Martin
Chemistry of Materials 31 (11), 3984-3991

Development of a New UV-Crosslinking Polymer Electrolyte for Extra-Thin Li Metal Batteries
G Piana, V Armel, S Oukassi, S Martin, J Amiran, S Franger, H Porthault
Meeting Abstracts, 152-152

A New Interpretation of Na+ Ion Conduction in and the Structures and Properties of Sodium BoroSilicate Mixed Glass Former Glasses
SW Martin, R Christensen, G Olson, J Kieffer, W Wang
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C

Boron-speciation and aluminosilicate crystallization in alkali boroaluminosilicate glasses along the NaAl1-xBxSiO4 and LiAl1-xBxSiO4 joins
J Marcial, M Saleh, D Watson, SW Martin, CL Crawford, JS McCloy
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 506, 58-67