January 24, 2022

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A new method for determining the c.c. conductivity of powdered materials
R Richert, SW Martin, CA Angell
Journal of non-Crystalline Solids: X 11-12, 100066

Solid Electrolytes Na10+xSn1+xP2-xS12 Prepared via a Mechanochemical Process
F Tsuji, KL Hoh,, KH Kim, A Sakuda, M Tatsumisago, SW Martin, A Hayashi
Journal of the Japanese Ceramic Society 129 (6), 323-328

A New Amorphous Oxy-Sulfide Solid Electrolyte Material: Anion Exchange, Electrochemical Properties, and Lithium Dendrite Suppression via in situ Interfacial Modification
R Zhao, G Hu, S Kmiec, R Gebhardt, A Whale, SW Martin
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 13, 26841-26852

Glass Transition Temperature Studies of Planetary Ball Milled Na4P2S7-xOx, 0 << 7, Oxy-Thio Phosphate Glasses
A Joyce, S Kmiec, SW Martin
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 551, 120462/1-9