Master of Engineering

Specific Requirements for the M. Engr. Degree

As a minimum, every M. Engr. Program of Study (POS) in MSE must include:

  • 30 total credits, none of which may be MSE 699
  • 9 credits from MSE 510, 520, 530, and 540
  • 12 credits must be MSE 5XX or 6XX courses, including the 9 credits described in the previous item
  • 9 credits of 300-level or above courses in technical disciplines other than MSE (See Graduate College Handbook for restrictions on undergraduate courses)

Creative Component

A creative component may included as part of a M. Engr. Degree in MSE. If the student
chooses to complete a creative component, a maximum of 3 credits of MSE 599 may be
included in the 21-credit MSE course requirement.
Thesis and Oral Examination

No thesis is required for the M. Engr. Degree. A final oral examination is required only if a
creative component is included in the program of study.