Master of Science

Specific Requirements for the M.S. Degree

As a minimum, every M.S. Program of Study (POS) in MSE must include:

  • 33 total credits
  • 18 credits of coursework including a minimum of 9 credits of MSE 5XX or 6XX coursework and 2 credits of MSE 601 (SEMINAR*).
  • 12 credits of MSE 699 (Research)
  • 1 credit of GR ST 565: Professional Practice: Carrying Responsible Research course

* M.S. degree students will be required to have 2 credits of MSE 601 (SEMINAR) to receive
the M.S. degree. Students earn 1 credit for each semester of attendance at the seminars.
Students with special circumstances that prevent them from attending a sufficient number of
semesters of seminars to meet the requirement may petition the Graduate Studies
Committee to have this rule waived.

Thesis Document

The thesis document must be prepared using the guidelines and formatting requirements of the Graduate College. A copy of the thesis and a title and abstract must be presented to each POS Committee member and the MSE Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) (for public display) at least two weeks prior to the scheduled final oral examination. At this time, the oral examination date, time, and place will be submitted to the GPC. Final versions of the M.S. thesis will be submitted to the Graduate College in accord with the requirements listed in the Graduate College Handbook. One electronic copy of the final version of the M.S. thesis must be submitted to the GPC for department files.

Final Thesis Presentation/Oral Examination

No later than the published Final Examination Deadline for the semester of graduation, the student must complete and pass a final oral examination which consists of two parts:

  1. Presentation of the thesis work in the form of a formal seminar that is open to the public
  2. Oral examination by the POS Committee, which will immediately follow the seminar and may include thesis topics and other topics, at the discretion of the POS Committee. (See also: Request for Oral Examination.)