MSE GOLD Leadership Team: Nathan Podjenski


Name: Nathan Podjenski

Year and semester of graduation: May 2016

Summary of career path: 2 internships with Honeywell FM&T (PMDI Foam Encapsulation, R&D Materials Engineering- Direct Ink Write/ Additive Manufacturing) and now full-time product engineer at Honeywell FM&T in Ancillary Equipment & Machined product.

Current place of employment: Honeywell FM&T in Kansas City, Missouri

Day-to-day tasks: Work jointly with Sandia National Labs to create product designs from prototypes and legacy hardware. Then I travel around the country to various machine/forming/welding shops to fabricate the design. 

I coordinate the senior design projects between Honeywell FM&T and Iowa State as well as work the Fall & Spring career fair.