Prof. Martin Thuo, PhD

Associate Professor
Schafer 2050 Challenge Professor,
Materials Science & Engineering,
Electrical & Computer Engineering (courtesy)

Post-doctoral fellow: Harvard University; Mary-Fieser fellow (2009-2011), Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center fellow (2012-2013)

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Graduate Students:

Alana Pauls began her BS/MS studies in Fall 2020 working on development of frugal tools to evaluate defects in additively manufactured products. Her previous work in the group involved synthesis of undercooled metal particles using the SLICE method and developing methods to tune size polydispersity for printing on textured surfaces.

(e-mail: ampauls at

Dhanush Udayashankara Joined the group from fall 2021 and is working on engineering tribological properties of layered hierarchical materials.
Odin Taylor joined the group in December 2021 as a BS/MS student. He will be working on autonomous processing of metastable materials
Yahriel Salinas-Reyes (LSAMP Scholar, Boeing fellow, ISU HONS) joined the group as a freshman and has been working on neoteric MEMS for use in understanding autonomous poising.
 Ally Dunnum joined the group in the fall 2021. She is working on understanding complex biological surfaces.


Dr. Stephanie Oyola-Reynoso

(Postdoc at Harvard University)

Dr. Jiahao Chen

(Postdoc at Northwestern University)

Dr. Boyce Chang

(Postdoc at University of California, Berkeley)

Dr. Andrew Martin

(Postdoc at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs)


Joel Cutinho, M.S.

(Nanolab Technologies Inc.)

Dr. Julia J. Chang

(Postdoc at Fudan University)


Dr. Chuanshen Du

(Postdoc at University of British Columbia)

Dr. Paul Gregory

(IP specialist – ISURF)


Dr. Souvik Banerjee

(Engineer, Intel)

Dr. Scarlett (Zhengjia) Wang

(university of Virginia)

Dr. Ian Tevis

(President and CTO, Safi-tech inc)

Dr. Chris Frankeiwcz

(CTO, Sep-All)

Souvik Kundu
Millicent (Orondo) Hoback
Dr. Marcela Portes de Castro (faculty, IFES – Instituto Federal do Espírito Santo)
Dr. Mario Fratzl (CNRS, France)
Dr. Winnie Kiarie (Intel)
Undergraduate Alumni


Ally Dunnum (Georgia Tech)

Yahriel Sarina-Reyes

Atte Kadoma (Harvard PhD)

Jake Sporrer (Hons, UC Berkeley)

Jonathan Zaugg (Boeing Fellow, PhD ISU)

Farha Mithila (Tufts University)

Zhi Li (Harvard University)

James Boose (Des Moines, IA)

Paul Gregory (grad student, ISU)

Kaci Ann-Storm (ISU)

Giovanni Rodriguez (LSAMP scholar)

Julian Halberstman-Black

Andrew Heim (UMass Boston)

Cissy Nsubuga (UMass Boston)

Garrett Andersen

Tim O’Shea

Henry Ahrenholtz

Trevor Lyons (PhD, MSE, ISU)

Thomas Joseph Giroux III

Paul Karanja (LSAMP scholar, Polymer synthesis)

Andrea Boyer (LSAMP scholar)

Parker Jacobson

Harris Seabold

Contact Information

Prof. Martin Thuo
Materials Science and Engineering
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011
Ph. 515-294-8581