Peter C Collins
Entrepreneural Fellow
Materials Science & Engineering
Iowa State University
pcollins [at] iastate.edu

Ph.D., Materials Science & Engineering, The Ohio State Univ., 2004
M.S., Materials Science & Engineering, The Ohio State Univ., 2001
B.S., Metallurgical Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla, 1999




Selected Honors and Awards 

  • Ohio Advanced Technology Summit Award – Measurements and Instrumentation – Methods for Remote Microscopy (2007)
  • Early Career Award for Research and Creativity – Univ. North Texas (2013)
  • Akinc Award for Excellence in Teaching – Iowa State Univ. (2017)
  • Henry Marion Howe Medal – ASM best paper (2019)
  • Champion H. Mathewson – TMS/AIME best paper (2019)


Senior Leadership

Thomas Ales

Research Associate II

tkales [at] iastate.edu 

“I used to be an artist, but then I had to pay rent.”

Specialty:  Synthesis. Design. Integration
Toolkits: Development. Microscopy. Photography.
Projects: Developing the first 3D spatially resolved acoustic spectroscopy (SRAS) and applying it to address nonferrous problems.

MS Materials Science & Engineering, Iowa State Univ., 2018
BS Materials Science & Engineering,Univ. of North Texas, 2014
AS Science, North Central Texas College, 2009

Yuan Ji

Postdoctoral Fellow

yuanji [at] iastate.edu

“Positive feedback makes you motivated, negative feedback makes you stabilized, and you need both in your life”

Specialty:  Circuit Design. Embedded System. Eddy Current. Computer Vision
Toolkits: Altium Designer, FEM Simulation, OpenCV
Project: Advanced materials characterization of defects and damage using nondestructive techniques.

Ph.D, Electrical Engineering, Iowa State University,2016
B.S, Information Engineering, Southeast University(Nanjing, China), 2008


Maria J. Quintana

Postdoctoral Fellow/Visiting Scholar

Universidad Panamericana, Facultad de Ingeniería

mariaqh [at] iastate.edu

“Materials engineer by day. Fossil collector and Formula 1 fan in my free time.

Specialty:  Physical Metallurgy. Mechanical Behavior. Microscopy.
Toolkits: Phase Transformations. Electron Microscopy. Mathematics.
Project: Exploring the role of phase transformations during AM of Ti- and Ni-based alloys. Researching the mathematical fundamentals of TEM tomographic techniques.

PhD, Science and Technology of Materials, University of Oviedo, 2013

Master, Materials Engineering, Universidad Panamericana, 2010
Bachelor, Mechatronics Engineering, Universidad Panamericana, 2006

The Team

Scott Blazanin

Graduate Research Associate
M.S. Student
blazanin [at] iastate.edu

“I have never allowed my education to get in the way of my learning.”

Specialty: Non-ferrous metallurgy. Fracture & failure analysis. Investment casting.
Toolkits: Project management. Microscopy.
Project: Fracture and crack growth in advanced non-ferrous structural alloys (Ti-6Al-4V, high strength aluminum).

B.S., Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, Iowa State Univ., 2019

Amamchukwu B. Ilogebe

Graduate Research Associate
Ph.D. Student
ailogebe [at] iastate.edu

“I am proud to be a Materials Engineer, the bedrock of science.”

Specialty: Additive Manufacturing. Metallurgy.
Toolkits: Metallography. Experimentation. Dedication.
Project: Understanding thermal gyrations on microstructural evolution in Ni-based superalloys.

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, North Carolina A&T State Univ., 2017
B.S., Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, Enugu State University and Technology, Nigeria, 2008

Matt Kenney

Graduate Research Associate
M.S. Student


“I like to solve puzzles. One script at a time.”

Specialty:  Image processing. Computer scripting.
Toolkits: Microscopy. Automated Feature Quantification. 3D Image Processing.
Project: Analyzing and quantifying defects in additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V in 3D.

B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Iowa State Univ., 2015

Katie O’Donnell

Graduate Research Associate
Ph.D. Student
katieo1 [at] iastate.edu

“I’ve been fascinated by materials science before I knew materials science was a ‘thing‘.”

Specialty:  Metallurgy. Additive Manufacturing.
Toolkits: Materials Characterization. Phase Transformations.
Project: Assessing the influence of temperature and stress gradients on microstructure in nonferrous alloys.

B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Clemson Univ. 2015.

Alana Pauls

Jointly advised (Thuo group) Graduate Research Associate
B.S./M.S. Student
ampauls [at] iastate.edu


“As Einstein said, ‘If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough’, so I try to understand a little more each day.”

Specialty:  Metallurgy. Undercooling.
Toolkits: Characterization. Experimentation.
Project: Quantifying Defects in Metallic AM Builds using Magnetic Levitation.

B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Iowa State Univ., 2021


Andrew Temple

Graduate Research Associate
Ph.D. Student
ajtemple [at] iastate.edu


“A wannabe welder turned materials engineer.”

Specialty:  Physical Metallurgy.
Toolkits: Experimentation. Characterization. Leadership.
Project: Studying the microstructure-property relationships in SLM Ti-alloys, including in the beta Ti-alloys. Developing machine learning approaches.

B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Iowa State Univ., 2017


Noah Welch

UG/G Research Associate
B.S./M.S. Student
njwelch [at] iastate.edu


“Good with metals. Imperfect with words. Part time musician.”

Specialty:  Phase transformations, characterization, additive manufacturing.
Toolkits: Microscopy. Metallography.
Project: Structure-property relationships in RCCAs.

B.S. degree requirements will be completed in Sp. 2021 before beginning my graduate program.

Matt Dolde

UG Research Assistant
mdolde [at] iastate.edu


“What is research but a blind date with knowledge.”

Specialty:  Additive Manufacturing. Prototyping.
Toolkits: Metallography. CAD.
Project: Researching new methods in low-cost metal AM.

B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Iowa State Univ., Fall 2021

Madison Harrington

UG Research Assistant
madisonh [at] iastate.edu



“Your local crazy plant, rock, and tea lady who dabbles in science”

Specialty:  Physical Metallurgy. Microscopy. Titanium.
Toolkits: Characterization. Additive Manufacturing.
Projects: Microstructural characterization of SLM beta Ti-alloys. Microphotogrammetry.

B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Iowa State Univ., Sp. 2021
B.A., Religious Studies, Iowa State Univ., Sp. 2021


Grant Johnson

UG Research Assistant
 grantajo [at] iastate.edu


“Slowly learning about what gives a thing its thinginess, one thing at a time.”

Specialty:  Characterization. Corrosion. Failure Analysis.
Toolkits: Microstructural Analysis. Electron Microscopy. Metallography.
Project: Microstructural characterization of EBM Ti-64. Microphotogrammetry.

B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Iowa State Univ., Sp. 2021

John Kaman

UG Research Assistant
 jwkaman [at] iastate.edu



“Living in a material world … and I am a materials guy.”

Specialty:  Additive manufacturing. Audio. Powder Flow. Electronics.
Toolkits: Python. Zaber motion devices. Audio equipment. Fender Telecaster.
Projects: Acoustic delivery of powder.

B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Iowa State Univ., Sp. 2022


Robert Kaman

UG Research Assistant
rckaman [at] iastate.edu



“Physics thinker-abouter. Nothing understander.”

Specialty:  Characterization. Modeling. Fundamentals.
Toolkits: 3D Modeling. Audio. Python.
Projects: Determining surface normals from point clouds. Modeling surface acoustic waves.

B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Iowa State Univ., Sp. 2022

Kelsey McInturff

UG Research Assistant
kmcintur [at] iastate.edu



“A materials enthusiast and data connoisseur.”

Specialty:  Titanium. Statistics. Data Science.
Toolkits: R. VBA. Python.
Projects: Property predictions of SLM Ti-alloys. Microphotogrammetry.

B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Iowa State Univ., Sp. 2021


Mrinal Redij

Boeing Research Fellow
 mredij [at] iastate.ed


“I believe only in atoms and space between them. Everything else is just an opinion.”

Specialty:  Independent learning.
Toolkits: Photogrammetry.
Project: Qualitative analysis of additively manufactured titanium alloys.

Expected: B.S., Aerospace Engineering, Iowa State Univ.

Luke Weston

UG Research Assistant
llweston [at] iastate.edu


“If it walks like an arc welder, and it talks like an arc welder, it might be a 3D printer.”

Specialty:  Metal AM, UI, NDE.
Toolkits: Automation, Image Processing.
Project: Researching new strategies in low-cost metal additive manufacturing.

B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Iowa State Univ., Sp 2022


Some Past Group Members

Iman Ghamarian

Post-doctoral Associate
Univ. of Michigan


“Learning materials science from different perspectives.”

Specialty:  Orientation microscopy. Atom probe tomography. Deep learning.
Toolkits: ASTAR. LEAP 5000. PyTorch.
Ph.D. Thesis (2017, ISU): Application of Precession Electron Diffraction Technique to Quantitatively Study Defects in Nanocrystalline Metallic Materials
M.S. Thesis (2012, UNT): An Integrated Approach to Determine Phenomenological Equations in Metallic Systems.

B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Sharif Univ. of Technology

Matt Goode


“I am a MacGyver-like engineer that doesn’t know a whole lot about one thing, but a little about a lot of things.”

Specialty:  System design and integration.
Toolkits: Networking. Motivation. CAD.

B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Iowa State Univ., 2018

Yue Liu

Thermo Fisher Scientific (FEI)


“Not an averaged, average person.”

Specialty:  Characterization.
Toolkits: Microscopy.
Ph.D. Thesis (2015, UNT): Precession Electron Diffraction Assisted Characterization of Deformation in alpha and alpha + beta Titanium Alloys 


Somashekara MA

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mech. Eng.
Indian Institute of Technology –  Dharwad


“Researcher by chance, sustaining with endless energy and positive attitude.”

Specialty:  Additive Manufacturing. Weld and laser deposition. Gradient objects.
Toolkits: Experimentalist. Teacher. Mentor. Leadership.
Postdoctoral Fellowship Subject (2017-2019): Development of a powder-blown directed energy deposition system for beam line experiments

Ph.D., IIT Hyderabad, India, 2016
M.Tech., IIT Hyderabad, India, 2011

Michael Mendoza

Assistant Professor
Instituto de Ciencias Navales y Marítímas, Universidad Austral de Chile


“A former oil & gas industry worker that discovered materials science is a lot more exciting.”

Specialty:  Materials Characterization. Mechanical Properties. Physical Metallurgy. Finite element analysis.
Toolkits: Electron microscopy. Numerical simulations. New ideas. Mechanical tests.
Ph.D. Thesis (2019, ISU): On the influence of microstructural features of linear friction welding and electron  beam additive manufacturing Ti-6Al-4V on tensile and fatigue mechanical properties.

M.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Iowa State Univ., 2016
B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Universidad Industrial de Santander, 2008

Peyman Samimi

Senior Additive Metallurgist
GE Transportation/Wabtec


“If you are not enjoying your graduate school experiences, chances are you are doing it wrong.”

Specialty:  Additive Manufacturing. Metallurgy.
Toolkits: Materials Characterization. Design of Experiment. Materials Processing.
Ph.D. Thesis (2015, UNT):
Combinatorial assessment of the influence of composition and exposure time on the oxidation behavior and concurrent oxygeninduced phase transformations of binary Ti-x systems

B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Sharif Univ. of Technology

Brian Martin

Applications and Testing Engineer
Dynamic Systems Incorporated (Gleeble)



Specialty:  Physical Metallurgy. Additive Manufacturing. Process simulation.
Toolkits: Experimental Design. Microscopy. Gleeble.
M.S. Thesis (2018, ISU): Development of a novel, bicombinatorial approach to alloy development, and application to rapid screening of creep resistant titanium alloys.

M.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Iowa State Univ., 2018
B.S., Applied Physics, SUNY Geneseo, 2015

Adanma Akoma

Graduate Student
Dr. Lesley Frame, UConn

“Scientist by day, twinkle toes by night.”

Specialty:  Metallurgy. Fractography. Microscopy. Root cause analysis.
Toolkits: Electron microscope. Electrolytic etching. Mechanical testing.
Current Project: Residual Stress Development in Aerospace Alloys.

B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Univ. North Texas, 2016

Brian Hayes

Development Engineer
Howmet Aerospace


(from Dostoevsky) “The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.”

Specialty:  Metallurgy. Additive Manufacturing. Single crystal casting.
Toolkits: Microscopy. Additive Manufacturing.
M.S. Thesis (2018, ISU): Characterization of Ti-6-4 Produced Via Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing.

M.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Univ. of North Texas, 2015
B.S., Sociology, UNT, 2007