April 17, 2024

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Glove Box

The mBraun glovebox was installed in 2003. The glovebox was customized for the GOM group’s specific needs and the layout of the Preparation Lab. The atmosphere inside of the glovebox consists of an inert gas (Nitrogen). There are 2 O2 analyzers and 2 H2O analyzers which calculate the amount of oxygen and water in the glovebox. There is also an internal H2S Solvent Analyzer to track the amount of Hydrogen Sulfide gas in the glovebox. The glovebox has been assembled in such a manner that it resembles a U shape. The largest L-section of the glove box contains 2 high temperature tube furnaces where glasses are prepared. All of the necessary quenching and grinding equipment is included in the glovebox. This section also contains shelves for sample, powder and other equipment storage. Also contained in the L-section is an N2 compatible cold well, a large storage well for samples and waste, and 2 static eliminators. The sputtering system has also been incorporated into the glovebox for sample preparation. The antechambers for the L-section are as follows, 2 mini-antechambers that may be manually evacuated and a large programmable antechamber that can be activated and programmed by a touchable screen. The other single section of glove box has its own storage well and shelving for sample storage. It also has an intermediate sized antechamber that is also programmable by a touch screen.