January 24, 2022

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Alkali-ion concentration dependence of the structure of proton-conducting alkali thio-hydroxogermanates investigated with neutron diffraction
M Karlsson, J Nordström, A Matic, SW Martin, S Imberti, DT Bowron
Solid State Ionics 274, 40-45

Method For Producing A Lithium-Based Electrolyte For A Solid Microbattery
S Martin, J Amiran, L Le Van-Jodin, S Oukassi
US Patent App. 14/418,352

Photovoltaic battery cell
S Martin
US Patent App. 14/422,255

Lithium ion dynamics in Li2S+ GeS2+ GeO2 glasses studied using 7Li NMR field-cycling relaxometry and line-shape analysis
J Gabriel, OV Petrov, Y Kim, SW Martin, M Vogel
Solid state nuclear magnetic resonance 70, 53-62

A new class of lithium ion conductors with tunable structures and compositions: Quaternary diamond-like thiogermanates
Jacilynn A Brant, Kasey P Devlin, Christian Bischoff, Deborah Watson, Steve W Martin, Michael D Gross, Jennifer A Aitken
Solid State Ionics 278, 268-274

Structural Origin of the Mixed Glass Former Effect in Sodium Borophosphate Glasses Investigated with Neutron Diffraction and Reverse Monte Carlo Modeling
Maths Karlsson, Michael Schuch, Randilynn Christensen, Philipp Maass, Steve W Martin, Silvia Imberti, Aleksandar Matic
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (49), 27275-27284

Composition Dependence of the Na+ Ion Conductivity in 0.5 Na2S+ 0.5 [x GeS2+(1–x) PS5/2] Mixed Glass Former Glasses: A Structural Interpretation of a Negative Mixed Glass
SW Martin, C Bischoff, K Schuller
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 119 (51), 15738-15751