May 28, 2022

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Solid Electrode–Inorganic Solid Electrolyte Interface for Advanced All-Solid-State Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
Y Iriyama, Z Ogumi
Handbook of Solid State Batteries, 337-364

Glass and Glass-Ceramic Sulfide and Oxy-Sulfide Solid Electrolytes
SW Martin
Handbook of Solid State Batteries, 433-501

Polycrystalline Powders with Layered Structures: Search for Superconductivity in Oxides and Ion Conductivity in Sulfides
J Brant, DC Vier, T Bullard, TJ Haugan, SW Martin, JA Aitken

On the Anomalously Strong Dependence of the Acoustic Velocity of Alumina on Temperature in Aluminosilicate Glass Optical Fibers—Part I: Material Modeling and Experimental Validation
PD Dragic, SW Martin, A Ballato, J Ballato
International Journal of Applied Glass Science 7 (1), 3-10

On the anomalously strong dependence of the acoustic velocity of alumina on temperature in aluminosilicate glass optical fibers—Part II: acoustic properties of alumina and silica polymorphs, and approximations of the glassy state
A Ballato, PD Dragic, SW Martin, J Ballato
International Journal of Applied Glass Science 7 (1), 11-26

Characterization of thin-film electrolytes for all solid-state batteries
I Seo, Y Kim, SW Martin
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 661, 245-250

Electrochemical device, such as a microbattery or an electrochromic system, and fabrication method thereof.
S Oukassi, S Martin
US Patent App. 14/920,409

Positive and Negative Mixed Glass Former Effects in Sodium Borosilicate and Borophosphate Glasses Studied by 23Na NMR
M Storek, M Adjei-Acheamfour, R Christensen, SW Martin, R Böhmer
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120 (19), 4482-4495

Method for performing enrichment of an electrode of an electrochemical device with ionic species
S Martin, H Porthault, S Poulet
US Patent App. 14/951,061

Method for producing a lithium microbattery
S Oukassi, R Salot, S Martin
US Patent App. 15/022,450