Courses being taught at Iowa State University

Fall 2022

Biomaterials (MatE 456/ MSE 556)

Fall 2021

Biomaterials (MatE 456/ MSE 556)

Mechanical Properties of Materials (MSE 418)

Spring 2021

Materials Characterization (MSE 551)

Fall 2020

Biomaterials (MatE 456/MSE 556)

Courses taught at University of Nevada Reno

Spring 2020

Senior Design (MSE 482)

Fall 2019

Senior Design MSE (482)

Biomaterials (MSE 457/657)

Spring 2019

Senior Design (MSE 482)

Our 2018-19 MSE senior design team was awarded Second Prize in the ASM Foundation Design Competition. As the Second Place winner, our team received $1,500 plus $500 travel assistance to attend the MS&T ’19 in Portland, Oregon.

  • Senior Design project title: Designing Microscale Tests to Validate Macroscale Plastic Response in Cubic (Al) and Hexagonal (Mg) Lightweight Metals
  • Team Members: Skye Supakul, Tolin Skov-Black, Keenan O’Neil, Job Rodriguez, Scout Garrison, and Josiah Dowell
  • Faculty Advisor: Prof. Sid Pathak

  • Tolin Skov-Black has been awarded 2019 spring senior scholar (mentor: Prof. Sid Pathak) for his outstanding academic performance (undergraduate GPA 4.0/4.0).

Fall 2018

Materials characterization(MSE 415/615)

Spring 2018

Senior Design MSE (482)

Fall 2017

Senior Design (MSE 450)

Spring 2017

Biomaterials (MSE 457/657)

Phase Transformation and Kinetics (MSE 430/630)

Fall 2016

Materials Characterization (MSE 415/615)

Spring 2016

Phase Transformation and Kinetics (MSE 430/630)

Electron Microscopy. (MSE 710) Guest lecturer- ‘In-situ SEM mechanical testing’

Fundamentals of Nanotechnology. (MSE 495/695) Guest lecturer- ‘Nanomechanics’