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NASA ISGC (Iowa Space Grant Consortium) Base Program

Janus Particles

Nanomaterials for Advanced Manufacturing and Aeronautics (NAMA)

Our base program focuses on developing advanced nanomaterials (coatings, composites and nanoinks) that can directly address the challenges in the key research areas of aeronautics Research Mission Directorate (ARMD), including safety, protection, and autonomy. Integrating state-of-the-art synthesis, computer modeling, and advanced manufacturing. we will design nanoinks to be used in additive manufacturing for circuit repair and radiation protection, which will directly benefit efficiency and safety in aeronautics.

Janus Particles

REcyclables For Mission in Space (REFORMS)

Our project aims to pioneer a streamlined recycling process that takes input waste plastics and outputs 3D printed tools or components. We will engineer the three machines to achieve a seamless transfer of material, while the recycling process remains easy to operate. Near-automated recycling and small-scale manufacturing on the International Space Station (ISS) will considerably lessen astronauts' workload, aid in the repair of minor failures, and reduce plastics sent to the ISS by resupply shuttles.


  1. Prof. Shan Jiang, Materials Science & Engineering, Iowa State University
  2. Prof. Hantang Qin , Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Iowa State University
  3. Prof. Liming Xiong , Aerospace Engineering, Iowa State University


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Funding Support Acknowledgements

  • This project/material is based upon work supported by the Iowa Space Grant Consortium under NASA Award No. 80NSSC20M0107.”