Jiang Lab

Soft Matter and Nano Engineering Laboratory


  • Graudate-Undergraduate Mentor Program (GUMP) Founded by Prof. Jiang

    GUMP is launched in March 2018 by Prof. Shan Jiang in response to COE call for proposal of Spring 2018 International Student Programming. The goal is to help international students mingle with domestic students so that they will be more engaged with Iowa State community. The program was originally designed with three major components: a) mentor-mentee interactions; b) etiquette and culture coaching; c) leadership training. The objective is to give international students more exposure to American culture and value, and help them improve their communication skills.

    CB2 REU 2018
  • The First-Year Honors (FYH) Program

    Our lab actively participating the FYH program. Several undergraduate students joined us through the program. We also won the Mentor Program Grant. The program offers a unique educational opportunity to a limited number of entering first-year students. As an FHP student, you'll have the opportunity to learn in small groups and establish a sense of community with students of similar abilities. At the end of the first year, you may continue your Honors education by joining your college's Honors Program.

    CB2 REU 2018
  • Office of Precollegiate Programs for Talented and Gifted (OPPTAG)

    The goal of the OPPTAG (Office of Precollegiate Programs for Talented and Gifted) program is to match students with appropriate learning experiences and emphasize an approach to teaching that underscores strengths and encourages high achievement. Additionally, all programs offer extracurricular enrichment experiences that broaden students' knowledge of the world.

    CB2 REU 2018
  • Research Experience for Undergraduates Summer Program

    During the CB2 summer REU program, the students will participate in a series of bioplastics short courses, have responsibility for an independent research project performed with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and engage with leading industry experts from the Industrial Advisory Board of the CB2. The students will have a shared, well-defined common focus on sustainable bioplastics and biocomposites that will enable a cohort experience with a common orientation in Ames, IA and debrief in Pullman, WA.

    CB2 REU 2018
  • Lab tours with students from Science Bound and Education without Borders

    Outreach and teaching to students in grades K-12 has been a priority in the materials science and engineering department as it aligns with and is encouraged in our university mission and vision. These are respectively: To create, share, and apply knowledge to make Iowa and the world a better place, and Iowa State will lead the world in advancing the land-grant ideals of putting science, technology, and human creativity to work.

    SULI 2017 Summer
  • SULI - Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships

    A premier Department of Energy fall, spring and summer internship designed to bring undergraduates into the laboratory research setting at the Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University to work with scientists who are leaders in their research fields. Students from across the country spend either 16 weeks in the fall and spring semesters or 10 weeks in the summer in our SULI program. You are welcome to apply and select our lab as host of your internship. Click the link above for more details.

    SULI 2017 Summer
  • Project Lead the Way (PLTW) – College Credits at ISU

    Students planning to attend Iowa State may elect to either receive University of Iowa credit and request to transfer credits to Iowa State University at a later date, or transfer earned community college (EGR) credits directly to Iowa State University. Students should request to have transcripts detailing earned credit forwarded to Iowa State Admissions for review. Please note: At this time, Iowa State is not awarding PLTW credits through the online application at pltwiowa.org.

  • FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL)

    FIRST LEGO League (FLL) is an international program, created by FIRST® and LEGO® , designed to get children interested in and excited about science, technology and engineering. Every year, FIRST releases a new challenge that engages the teams in hands-on robotics design and scientific research. The theme for the challenge is different each year, allowing teams to learn about a variety of subjects.