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    -- 2021 --
  1. Biobased Superhydrophobic Coating Enabled by Nanoparticle Assembly (Front Cover)
    E. Olson, J. Blisko, C. Du, Y. Liu, Y. Li, H. Thurber, G. Curtzwiler, J. Ren, M. Thuo, X. Yong, S. Jiang*, Nanoscale Advances 3, 4037 - 4047 (2021).[pdf]
  2. UV-absorbing Coating Including Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles
    E.J. Olson, S. Jiang*, United States Patent, 10975251 (2021).
  3. Self-Assembly in Biobased Nanocomposites for Multifunctionality and Improved Performance,
    E. Olson,F. Liu, J. Blisko, Y. Li, A. Tsyrenova, R. Mort, K. Vorst, G. Curtzwiler, X. Yong, S. Jiang*, Nanoscale Advances 3, 4321 - 4348 (2021).
  4. An improved biolistic delivery and analysis method for evaluation of DNA and CRISPR-Cas delivery efficacy in plant tissue
    K. Miller, A.L. Eggenberger, K. Lee, F. Liu, M. Kang, M. Drent, A. Ruba, T. Kirscht, K. Wang*, S. Jiang*, Scientific Report 11, 7695 (2021). [pdf]
  5. Effects of anionic and nonionic surfactants on the dispersion and stability of nanoSiO2 in aqueous and cement pore solutions
    Y. Sargam, K. Wang*, A. Tsyrenova, F. Liu, S. Jiang*, Cement and Concrete Research 144, 106417 (2021).[pdf]
  6. Biobased Foams for Thermal Insulation: Material Selection, Processing, Modelling, and Performance
    R. Mort, K. Vorst, G. Curtzwiler, S. Jiang*, RSC Adv. 11, 4375-4394 (2021).[pdf]
  7. Nanoink formulation design for electrohydrodynamic ink-jet printing
    Y. Huang, E. Olson, F. Liu, L. Jiang, X. Zhang, R. Mort, S. Jiang* and H. *Qin, Under Review (2021).
  8. Probing absorbing and scattering phenomena with a novel multispectral scattering instrument
    E. Olson, I. Delk, T. Bahns, S. Jiang, J. Lajoie and G. Curtzwiler, Under Review (2021).
  9. -- 2020 --
  10. Activation and assembly of plasmonic-magnetic nano-surfactants for encapsulation and triggered release
    F. Liu, Y. Li, Y. Huang, A. Tsyrenova, K. Miller, L. Zhou, H. Qin, S. Jiang*, Nano Lett. 20, 12, 8773 (2020).[pdf]
  11. Unique orientation of the solid-solid interface at the Janus particle boundary induced by ionic liquids (Cover Story)
    A. Tsyrenova, M. Farooq, S. Anthony, K. Molleiean, Y. Li, F. Liu, K. Miller, J. Ren, J. Anderson, S. Jiang*,
    J. Phys. Chem. Lett.
    11, 22, 9834 (2020).[pdf]
  12. Self-Stratification of Amphiphilic Janus Particles at Coating Surfaces (Front Cover)
    Y. Li, F. Liu, S. Chen, A. Tsyrenova, K. Miller, E. Olson, R. Mort, D. Palm, C. Xiang, X. Yong, S. Jiang*,
    Mater. Horiz. 7, 2047 (2020).[pdf][Cover Image].
    Highlighted in News: ScienceDaily, PHYS.ORG, NEW ATLAS, NEWSWISE, Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine, TECH EXPLORIST
  13. Composition Comprising Self-Stratifying Amphiphilic Janus Particles
    Y. Li, S. Jiang*, Patent Application 63/027,193 (2020).
  14. Fundamentals of Smart Materials: Janus Particles as Smart Materials (book chapter)
    S. Jiang*, K. Miller, Royal Society of Chemistry 978-1-78262-645-9 (2020).
  15. Nanoparticle assembly modulated by polymer chain conformation in composite materials
    S. Chen, E. Olson, S. Jiang*, X. Yong*, Nanoscale 12, 14560 (2020).[pdf]
  16. Study Effects of Particle Size in Metal Nanoink for Electrohydrodynamic Inkjet Printing Through Analysis of Droplet Impact Behaviors
    Y. Huang, L. Jiang, B. Li, P. Premaratned, S. Jiang*, H. Qin*, J. Manuf. Process. 56, 1270 (2020).[pdf]
  17. Altering macrophage adhesion and modulating their response with hydrophobically modified hydrogels
    Z. Xu, D. Hwang, M. Bartlett, S. Jiang*, K. Bratlie*, Biochemical Engineering Journal 165, 107821 (2020).
  18. Controlled Release of Adenosine from Core-shell Nanofibers to Promote Bone Regeneration through STAT3 Signaling Pathway
    X. Cheng, G. Cheng, X. Xing, C. Yin, Y. Zheng, S. Jiang, H. Deng, Z. Li, J. Control. Release 319, 234 (2020).[pdf]
  19. Post-consumer polymers (PCR) for color retention of delicatessen meats and elucidation of the light blocking mechanism
    E. Olson, F. Liu, T. Bahns, S. Jiang, K. Vorst, G. Curtzwiler, Sustainable Materials and Technologies 25, e00193 (2020).[pdf]
  20. -- 2019 --
  21. Thin Biobased Transparent UV-Blocking Coating Enabled by Nanoparticle Self-assembly
    E. Olson, Y. Li, F. Lin, K. Miller, F. Liu, A. Tsyrenova, D. Palm, G. Curtzwiler, K. Vorst, E. Cochran, S. Jiang*,
    ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces
    11 (27), 24552 (2019).[pdf]
  22. Self-assembly of Janus Dumbbell Nanocrystals and Their Enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonance (Cover Story)
    F. Liu, S. Goyal, M. Forrester, T. Ma, K. Miller, L. Zhou, E. Cochran, S. Jiang*, Nano Lett. 19 (3), 1587 (2019).[pdf] [Cover Image]
  23. Morphology Evolution of Janus Dumbbell Nanoparticles in Seeded Emulsion Polymerization (Cover Story)
    Y. Li, S. Chen, S. Demirci, S. Qin, Z. Xu, E. Olson, F. Liu, D. Palm, X. Yong*, S. Jiang*, J. Colloid Interface Sci. 543, 42 (2019).[pdf] [Cover Image]
  24. Surfactant Mediated Assembly of Amphiphilic Janus Spheres (Cover Story)
    A. Tsyrenovaa, K. Miller, J. Yan, E. Olson, S. Jiang*, Langmuir 35 (18), 6106 (2019) [pdf] [Cover Image]
  25. Fabrication of Micro-scale Radiation Shielding Structures Using Tungsten Nanoink Through Electrohydrodynamic Inkjet Printing
    H. Lyu, X. Zhang, F. Liu; Y. Huang, S. Jiang*, H. Qin*, J. Micromech. Microeng 29 (11), 115004 (2019).
  26. Controlled Co-delivery of Growth Factors through Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Core–Shell Nanofibers for Improving Bone Regeneration
    G. Cheng, C. Yin, H. Tu, S. Jiang, Q. Wang, X. Xing, C. Xie, X. Shi, Y. Du, H. Deng, Z. Li, ACS Nano 13 (6), 6372 (2019).
  27. Mixed post-consumer recycled polyolefins as a property tuning material for virgin polypropylene
    G.W. Curtzwiler, Y. Li, M. Schweitzer, S. Jiang, K.L. Vorst, J. Clean. Prod. 239, 117978 (2019).
  28. -- 2017 - 2018 --
  29. Design Colloidal Particle Morphology and Self-assembly for Coating Applications
    S. Jiang*, A. Maurice, J. Bohling, D. Fasano, A.V. Dyk, S. Brownell, Chem. Soc. Rev. 46, 3792 (2017). [pdf]
  30. A Switchable Polymer Brush System for Antifouling and Controlled Detection
    S. Demirci, S. Kinali-Demirci, S. Jiang*, Chem. Comm. 53, 3713 (2017). [pdf]
  31. Drying Mediated Orientation and Assembly Structure of Amphiphilic Janus Particles (Cover Story)
    K. Miller, A. Tsyrenova, S. Anthony, S. Qin, X. Yong* and S. Jiang*, Soft Matter 14, 6793 (2018). [pdf] [Cover Image]
  32. Scalable and Rechargeable Antimicrobial Coating for Food Safety Applications (Cover Story)
    M. Qiao, Q. Liu, Y. Yong, Y. Pardo, R. Worobo, Z. Liu, S. Jiang, M. Ma, J. Agric. Food Chem. 66, 11441 (2018) [pdf] [cover image].
  33. Chemically modified gellan gum hydrogels with tunable properties for use as tissue engineering scaffolds
    Z. Xu; Z. Li, S. Jiang, K. Bratlie, ACS Omega 3, 6998 (2018). [pdf]

  34. -- Before ISU --
  35. Measuring and Controlling Wet Hiding of Architectural Coatings
    S. Jiang, D. Fasano, L. Adamson, D. Kelly, Coating Trends and Technologies, Chicago Conference (2016). [pdf]
  36. Selective Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Magnetic Nanoparticles by Acoustically Induced Rotary Saturation (AIRS)
    B. Zhu, T. Witzel, S. Jiang, B.R. Rosen, L.L. Wald, Magnet. Reson. Med. 75:97 (2016).
  37. Orientationally Glassy Crystals of Janus Spheres
    S. Jiang, J. Yan, J.K. Whitmer, S.M. Anthony, E. Luijten, S. Granick, Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 218301 (2014). [pdf]
  38. Lipidoid-coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Efficient DNA and siRNA delivery
    S. Jiang, A.A. Eltoukhy, K.T. Love, R. Langer, D.G. Anderson, Nano Lett. 13, 105, 9 (2013). [pdf]
  39. Janus Particle Synthesis, Self-assembly and Applications (book)
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  41. Janus Particle Synthesis and Assembly
    S. Jiang, Q. Chen, M. Tripathy, E. Luijten, K. S. Schweizer, S. Granick, Adv. Mater. 22, 1060 (2010). [pdf]
  42. In vivo Endothelial siRNA Delivery Using Polymeric Nanoparticles with Low Molecular Weight
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  44. Modular ‘Click-in-Emulsion’ Bone-Targeted Nanogels
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