Alumni Awards

In the Department of Materials Science and Engineering Department we have good reason to be extremely proud of our alumni. Below are awards that our some of our alums have received over the years.

Marston Medal

Iowa State established the Marston Medal in 1938 in honor of Anston Marston, the first dean of Engineering. The Marston Medal recognizes alumni of the College of Engineering for outstanding achievement in advancing engineering science, technology, or policy having national and international impact in academics, industry, public service, government, or other venues. MSE alum recipients include:

  • 1999- James Watson (BSCerE’58, MSCerE’60)

ISU STATEment Makers

This is a university award to recognize early and professional accomplishments of young alumni under the age of 32 years old. 

  • 2011- Emily Kinser (MSMSE’05)

ISU Outstanding Young Alumni Award

The Outstanding Young Alumni Award recognizes ISU alumni 40 years old or younger who have excelled in their professions and provided service to their communities. 

  • 2015- Emily Kinser (MSMSE’05)

Professional Achievement Citation in Engineering (PACE) Award

PACE was established in 1968 to recognize superior technical or professional accomplishments in research, development, administration, education, and other engineering activities; the citation recognizes alumni/alumnae eminently known for their professional competence and creativity. MSE alums who have received this award include:

  • 2014- Sheila Grant (PhDCerE’14)
  • 2004 – Robert Tucker (MSMSE’64, PhDMSE’67)
  • 2001 – Gerald “Skip” Fehr (BSCerE’59, MSCerE’64, PhDCerE’66)
  • 1996 – John Ogren (PhDMet’67)
  • 1995 – Daniel Diesburg (BSMet’66, PhDMet’71)
  • 1993- James Watson (BSCerE’58, MSCerE’1960)
  • 1989 – Wayne Basler (BSCerE’53)
  • 1987 – Harold Klepfer (PhDMet’57)
    Charles Smith (BSCerE’58)
  • 1979 – Richard Sperring (BSCerE’52)
  • 1978 – Merton Van Dreser (BSCerE’51)
  • 1975 – Murray Gautsch (BSCerE’29)

Professional Progress in Engineering Award (PPEA)

The PPEA was created to recognize outstanding professional progress, personal development, and distinguished community service by engineering alumni under the age of 46.

  • 2008 – Mitchell Meyer (BSCerE’91, MSCerE’91, PhDCerE’95)
  • 2007 – Lawrence Margulies (PhDMSE’99)
  • 2005 – Daniel Branagan (PhDMet’95)
  • 2000 – Jinke Tang (MSMet’90)

Alumni Merit Award

Recognizes alumni for outstanding contributions to human welfare that transcend purely professional accomplishments and bring honor to the university.

  • 1945 – Milton Beecher (BSCerE1910)

Alumni Merit Award for Preeminent Service

  • 1972 – Erwin Howard (BSCerE’32)

Centennial Citation

  • 1958 – Lowell Hewitt (BSCerE1917)
  • 1958 – John Whittemore (BSCerE1921)

Distinguished Achievement Citation

The Distinguished Achievement Citation is the highest honor given to alumni by Iowa State University through the ISU Alumni Association. It honors ISU alumni who are nationally and/or internationally recognized for preeminent contributions to their professions or life’s work.

  • 1986 – John Croat (MSMet’69, PhDMet’72)

Outstanding Young Alumni Award

This award recognizes alumni aged 40 and under who have excelled in their professions and provided service to their communities.

  • 1989 – Alan Marty (BSMetE’78)