Undergraduate Degree (MAT E)

Undergraduates earn a four-year accredited degree in Materials Engineering. 

Materials engineers create new materials and improve existing materials. Materials engineers understand the relationship between the properties of a material and its internal structure–from the macro level to the atomic level. In many cases, we are the people who help a product become cheaper, easier to produce, or more durable. We also discover new materials.

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The Materials Engineering degree program is designed to prepare you for life after college, whether that path takes you to industry or graduate school. The degree offers a strong core curriculum covering a broad spectrum of materials knowledge, hands-on courses, preparation for co-ops and internships, and study abroad opportunities, with enough flexibility that you can tailor your experience to your career interests and goals.


Program of Study

Coursework encompasses all four of the major elements of materials science and engineering:

  • Synthesis and processing
  • Structure
  • Properties
  • Applications of materials

In our undergraduate program, you will choose a minimum of one area of specialization:

  • Ceramics: Learn about the structure and properties of glass and its use in fiber optics and surgical devices.
  • Metals: Study many types of metals and alloys, testing them for micro-hardness and controlling corrosion.
  • Polymers: Find new uses for plastic and learn how to make it better.


With small class sizes, especially in laboratory sections, you will have every opportunity to get to know your instructors and classmates very well. This creates a collaborative culture in MSE, one that fosters study groups and encourages faculty mentoring to help student success.

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Concurrent Degree Program

For those students interested in graduate studies, there is an opportunity for qualified students to obtain both BS (Materials Engineering) and MS degree (Materials Science & Engineering) in a shortened time of five years.  If you are interested in the BS/MS Concurrent Program, contact your academic advisor for more information.


Undergraduate Research

Get paid or earn academic credit for working on research projects as an undergraduate, beginning as early as your freshman year.  If you are interested, complete the undergraduate research assistant application form.

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