Focus Areas

Through experimental, theoretical, and computational research, the Materials Science and Engineering Department is deeply engaged in developing innovative solutions to some of the worlds most important and challenging problems. With attention given to all types of materials, properties, processes, and applications, we stand at the nexus between new attainable material functionality and the associated advanced technologies and engineered systems.

Crosscutting Research Areas

  • Advanced manufacturing and materials processing
  • Biomaterials and bio-inspired materials
  • Functional materials and physical behavior
  • Materials for energy storage, conversion, and transmission
  • Structural materials
  • Soft materials, composites, and coatings

Research Facilities

MSE research infrastructure includes a wide variety of facilities resourced for various types of materials research. Separate from physical location, we group our research facilities into broad functional groups known as “Materials Research Laboratories” or MRLs. These include MRLs for:

Research Groups