Building Safety and Reservations

Facility & Safety Information

The Materials Science and Engineering department is housed in Hoover Hall on the west side of campus. Hoover holds a number of technology-enhanced classrooms, departmental student services, office space for faculty and staff, and laboratories used for research and education.

The MSE department also has office space for graduate students and a number of research labs in Gilman Hall.

Use the following department, college, and university resources to get access to MSE rooms and find and reserve computer labs and technology-enhanced rooms.

Supporting Unit: MSE

Contact: Andrea Mauton,, 515 294-6118

Cost: None, unless a key/card is lost

Time: 1-2 days

Note: See Andrea in 2240 Hoover to pick-up a blue Building/Room Access Request form, fill out and obtain required signatures, and return to Andrea to gain key and/or card access to rooms in Gilman Hall and Hoover Hall. Hoover card access doors are programmed daily, and Gilman Hall doors are programmed weekly.