Lab Safety

MSE Resources:

Report questions or problems to and see Information for Accidents and Incidents

  • Near misses (an accident that almost happened but no injury or property/equipment damage occurred)
  • Injuries (an accident that results in any physical injury)
  • Incidents (an accident that results in property or equipment damage)
  • Lab issues
  • Safety issues
  • Equipment questions

MSE Hazard Checklist for New Procedures

  • Help with identifying hazards for any new lab procedure

Chemical Reactivity Worksheet App (Click on “download the program” partway down the page.) 

  • Help with knowing the compatibility or reactivity of chemicals

Chemical Databases:

ISU Environmental Heath & Safety (EH&S) Training and Resources:

EH&S Laboratory Safety Website

Chemical Inventory

Waste Removal Request

Learn@ISU  Safety Training (Login with ISU NetID required)

Required Training for all ISU Laboratory Personnel: 

  • Laboratory Safety: Core Concepts
  • Fire Safety and Fire Extinguisher (online)
  • Emergency Response Guide Video

Safety Training Curriculum for Laboratory Personnel

  • Recommended safety training based on lab activity

For MSE Equipment Training Videos, go to Learn@ISU and use the keyword “MSE” in the search bar in the course catalog.


If you would like to be trained on MSE laboratory equipment, click here.