Lab Safety

Resources for PI’s:

For PI’s – EH&S Research Support Checklist

General Laboratory Safety Recordkeeping -List of required records to be retained by laboratory supervisors 

Each PI in Hoover and Gilman can see if their researchers’ safety training is current via their research group class on Canvas, course name is “PI’s Name Research Group Training Records”

Lab Inspection Forms

EH&S Resources for Laboratories


New to MSE? Start Here:

For PI’s, Researchers, Grad Students, & Post Docs – Lab Check-In Form


Safety Training:

Learn@ISU  Safety Training (Login with ISU NetID required)


Required Training on Learn@ISU for all ISU Laboratory Personnel: 

  • Laboratory Safety: Core Concepts
  • Fire Safety and Fire Extinguisher Safety (online)
  • Emergency Response Guide Video


Additional Safety Training Based on Lab Activity:

Safety Training Curriculum for Laboratory Personnel

MySafetyTraining (Safety training needs assessment in Learn@ISU)


Frequently Asked Questions:

MSE Grad Safety FAQ Booklet – 03-07-2022


Report questions or problems to

Information for Accidents and Incidents:

  • Near misses (an accident that almost happened but no injury or property/equipment damage occurred)
  • Injuries (an accident that results in any physical injury)
  • Incidents (an accident that results in property or equipment damage)
  • Lab issues
  • Safety issues
  • Equipment questions


Identify Hazards for New or Existing Lab Procedures:

MSE Laboratory Risk Assessment for New and Existing Procedures

Site Considerations for New Equipment


SOP Development:

MSE SOP Template

EH&S SOP Template


Compatibility or Reactivity of Chemicals:

Chemical Reactivity Worksheet App

(Click on “download the program” partway down the page, fill out your information, and you will be emailed a link) 


Chemical Databases:


Equipment Training:

If you would like to be trained on MSE laboratory equipment, click here.

For MSE Equipment Training Videos, go to Learn@ISU and use the keyword “MSE” in the search bar in the course catalog.


ISU Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Training and Resources:

EH&S Laboratory Safety Website