Current Graduate Student Profiles

As prospective students, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering would like to give you the opportunity to connect with current graduate students. Use these students as resources for questions, welcoming faces, and new friends. They are genuinely excited to see you succeed and to help you navigate campus, Ames, and graduate student life as best as possible. Meet a few of our graduate students below and reach out to them for questions, concerns, or advice.

Prathamesh Patil

I am from Maharashtra, India. I have completed my undergraduate degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the College of Engineering Pune and worked with Hitachi for two years. The potential opportunity to work with Ames Lab was one of the many reasons for choosing ISU for pursuing my master’s degree. I am currently working with Dr. Scott Chumbley. My research is focused on repairing casting defects by High Pressure Cold Spraying Method. For me, the best part about the MSE department has been working with Dr. Scott Chumbley. Dr. Chumbley is the funniest and kindest person I have ever worked with. I always suggest that new students take his Microscopy class. It’s one of the few classes where you can learn and have fun at the same time! The best part about Ames is that it feels like home. It is safe and people are very respectful and welcoming.

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Matthew Rolchigo

I’m Matt, and I’m going into my 3rd year as a graduate student in Dr. LeSar’s group. My research is based on computational modeling of metal-based additive manufacturing (specifically the heat transport, fluid flow, and solidification processes and how they relate to microstructure development). I’m also the treasurer of the graduate student organization MRS. Outside the lab (well, office in my case since my work is on the computer) I enjoy walking/jogging, playing my trumpet, playing old video games, and going to new restaurants and bars in Ames and Des Moines. I’m a huge college and pro sports fan, particularly football (Go Cowboys!).

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Brittany Curtis

 Hello! I’m Brittany, a third-year Ph.D. student working for Dr. Martin. I’m currently the Vice President of Materials Research Society and treasurer of GradSWE. I’m also on the Graduate Student Advisory Council, so if you have any suggestions or questions about the department, feel free to let me know. Outside of research, I enjoy reading, riding my bike, and tae kwon do. One of my favorite things about Ames are the many different local places to eat. I hope you to see you around the department and at the MRS meetings!!

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Peter Enz

 Hi, I’m Peter. I’m starting my 2nd year as a graduate student in Dr. Steve Martin’s Glass and Optical Materials Group. My research is on lithium ion conducting glass for applications as a battery electrolyte. I attended undergrad at Michigan Tech in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and am originally from just outside Minneapolis.  I enjoy winter, current events, sports, and traveling. Outside the lab, I like to run, cross country ski (even in summer), camp, and discover new music and food. I’m a big sports fan and follow the Green Bay Packers, hockey, and many others. 

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