Give to the Department

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering greatly appreciates private support, which helps further our research and education goals. Investment in our department will not only help Cyclone engineers build their future, but it will make a difference in Iowa and around the world.”

Chris Cornelius

Chris Cornelius

Dr. Thomas D. McGee and Dr. Ick-Jhin Rick Yoon Department Chair of Materials Science and Engineering

Student Support

The cost of furthering students’ education is ever-increasing, thus making scholarships essential in enabling students to attend Iowa State’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Student support is greatly valued and ensures students will have access to a plethora of knowledge, organizations, and activities that will help them excel in the classroom, while building the skills, character, and confidence they will utilize for years to come. Our students are dedicated to becoming the next generation of engineers and with your support will help prepare them for meaningful work and a lifetime of service following graduation.

Faculty Support

Named faculty positions established with private support are enabling the university to secure its position as a top institution by attracting and retaining world-class professors and researchers. These named faculty positions provide both recognition for outstanding faculty and flexible funds that can be used to support research, teaching, graduate students and other key areas. As universities and the private industry compete for the best talent, we must continually work to also retain the extraordinary faculty and researchers already in place.

Programmatic Support

Programs and collaborative centers provide unique opportunities to mesh education, research, and outreach. The department will launch new programs while also enhancing existing programs that provide critical services and resources for our students. Private gifts support key programs, including student clubs and organizations, technology development, entrepreneurial activities, study abroad and undergraduate research experiences.

Facilities Support

There is a direct correlation between state-of-the-art facilities, premier faculty and students, and revolutionary research. When these factors are brought together amazing things can happen. Support in this area can assist with facility needs, such as additions and renovations to outdated areas and equipment.