David Slutz

David SlutzPrincipal Scientist, Morgan Advanced Materials

Dr. David Slutz received his Ph.D. in ceramic engineering and M.E degree in material science from Iowa State University. He has thirty-three years of experience in the development of products for Aerospace, Automotive, Woodworking, Oil & Gas, Mining, Semiconductor, and LED. During Dr. Slutz’s career he has developed a wide range of diamond and cubic boron nitride products on high pressure high temperature (HP-HT) apparatuses such as belt press, cubic press, and piston-cylinder press. In addition, to his experience in HP-HT product development, Dr. Slutz also has experience in the development of CVD diamond products using hot filament and microwave technologies. He has been granted twenty-three USA patents and coauthored numerous papers. Dr. Slutz currently holds a position of Principal Scientist for Morgan Advanced Materials.

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