Classroom Resources

The following are classroom resource services offered by campus units:

Supporting Unit: Parks Library
Contact: Reserve and Media Services, Room 140 Parks Library,, 294-4958
URL: Instructor forms and instruction
Note: Request course account at least 5 weeks before start of semester. (Allow 10 weeks if library must acquire new book). Allow at least 7 days for processing materials during the semester before directing students to the site.
Supporting Unit: Engineering-LAS Online Learning
Contact: Main office -, 294-7470; Tech Support -
URL: Blackboard Learn FAQ
Supporting Unit: ITS
Contact: Jim Twetten,, 294-2317
URL: ISU Classroom Technology
Note: Contact Classroom Technology to have projector light bulbs replaced. If the overhead lights in any classrooms are not working, contact Facilities Planning & Management at 294-5100.