EASE Forms

Iowa State University uses EASE forms to verify employee activity. Your EASE form will come with preprinted information showing your name, ISU ID number, and department in the upper left corner. The date the period is covering will be in the middle of the sheet at the top.

Faculty, staff, and students are required to certify your own effort by completing the form and signing it. No other signatures are necessary.

Completing the form

  1. Starting with the top row, write in the percentage of time of your total work time that you spent working in each of the employee activity areas (Instruction, Research, Outreach, Administration, Service) listed at the top during that six-month period. This should total 100% when added across.
  2. Check Row A for funding accounts that paid your salary from federal or state paid sponsored projects. These will be preprinted on the form. If one is listed, you must verify the percentage of time that you actually spent working on that account during the six-month time period being reviewed. Verify this by writing in the percentage of your actual effort to the right of the preprinted percent.
  3. Check Row B1 for mandatory cost share that was agreed for you to commit to a project. This is time you worked on a project but were not paid for your work out of the account that is funding the project. Verify this amount by writing in the percentage of effort you contributed to the project to the right of the preprinted percent. If this row is blank, please skip it.
  4. Check Row B2. If you worked on any projects that were funded by non-state and non-federal sources (such as a private company) but your salary was not paid on these accounts, write the percentage of time you spent working on these projects.
  5. Add the numbers in each column, starting with the bottom number and working up. Each column, when added up, should equal the number at the top of the column. If it does not, the remaining balance of your effort goes in Row C to make it add up to 100%.
  6. Sign the EASE form in the lower left hand corner and date it.
  7. Return the EASE form to Andrea Mauton in 2240 Hoover.

Help completing the EASE form

If you have any questions about the EASE form, you can find more information: