Instructions for Completing Intramural Forms

Intramural forms are primarily used for purchases by one university department from another department or campus store (except for equipment).

Instructions for Buying Departments

All purchases excluding University Bookstore

When goods or services are to be purchased on campus, the buying department will present an Intramural Purchase Order form (Excel doc) to the selling department. This form authorizes the selling department to charge the buying department’s account number.

Complete the following sections of the form:

  • Selling Department: the name of the selling department
  • Buying Department: the name and the ISU fund account number and section-project number (if applicable) of the purchasing department
  • Buying Department Address: the complete campus address of the purchasing department
  • Quantity: the number of items you are purchasing
  • Description: description of the item purchases
  • Unit Cost: cost per item (if available before the purchase)
  • Estimated Cost: total cost per item
  • Requested by: person who is requesting purchase
  • Business Purpose: be specific and clear
  • Approved: Andrea Mauton will verify and sign for the purchase; department chair can sign in Andrea’s absence

University Bookstore orders

The University Bookstore has a Book Store Departmental Charge Form that is unique to their own department. The University Bookstore also has online systems that can be used.

Authorized signers

Andrea Mauton is the preferred signer for both Bookstore and Intramural purchases. However, the department chair can sign in her absence.

Standing orders

Standing orders may be established on a yearly basis for often used campus departments. A standing order allows the person purchasing to go directly to the buyer for items without continually obtaining an intramural form and authorizing signature. Andrea Mauton can arrange your standing order. She will need the vendor, account, period for contract, and individuals picking up items.

Required documentation

Turn in a copy of all intramural purchase forms to Andrea Mauton. This copy will be used to match to the final bill to verify expenditures.