Prospective Students

The Materials Science and Engineering Department offers an undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degree. 

BS in Materials Engineering (MAT E)

The Materials Engineering degree program is designed to prepare you for life after college, whether that path takes you to industry or graduate school. 

Coursework encompasses all four of the major elements of materials science and engineering:

  • Synthesis and processing
  • Structure
  • Properties
  • Applications of materials

In our undergraduate program, you will choose a minimum of one area of specialization:

  • Ceramics: Learn about the structure and properties of glass and its use in fiber optics and surgical devices.
  • Metals: Study many types of metals and alloys, testing them for micro-hardness and controlling corrosion.
  • Polymers: Find new uses for plastic and learn how to make it better.

BS/MS Concurrent Degree in Materials Science and Engineering

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering can admit seniors with exceptional academic qualifications into the program for “Concurrent Enrollment for Graduate/Undergraduate Degrees.” A student in this program pursues a graduate MS degree while simultaneously completing his/her undergraduate BS degree. After successfully completing the requirements for the BS and graduate degree, the student will receive both degrees at graduation – typically, but not always, on the same graduation date.

MS, MEng, and PhD in Materials Science and Engineering

Graduates are able to address complex problems in materials science and process design while considering the various constraints inherent to both industrial and research environments.