Facility & Safety Information

Building Information

Hoover Hall

Gilman Hall

Contact Information

Facilities Planning and Management (FP&M): 294-5100

Department of Public Safety (DPS): 294-3388

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S): 294-5359

Who to contact for…

  • Individual room issues can be reported directly to FP&M (515-294-5100)
  • Any building project or furniture issues: Michelle Grawe, 515-294-0741
  • Lab related issues: Michelle Grawe, 515-294-3304
  • Custodial issues (spills or messes): https://www.fpm.iastate.edu/custodial/
  • Any after-hours issues: FP&M (515-294-5100) or contact DPS (515-294-3388)

Evacuation Procedures

General EH&S Evacuation Procedures

Hoover Hall Evacuation Plan

Gilman Hall Evacuation Plan

Situations for pulling the fire alarm:

  • Fire (even if it has already been put out with a fire extinguisher)
  • Gas leak
  • Any large chemical spill
  • Any situation you feel is unsafe for people to remain in the building

Custodial Teams

Custodial services in Hoover are provided by Facilities Planning and Management Custodial Team 3.

Custodial services in Gilman are provided by Custodial Team 7.

Please contact your building’s custodial team with any questions or requests.