Robert G. Visser

Bob VisserPresident IMINTX Services                                                

Retired Vice President of R&D                                   
3M Electronics and Energy Business Group             
3M Company     

Bob is currently providing R&D consulting services to a range of clients from early stage start ups to larger corporate enterprise companies.  His broad area of emphasis focuses on R&D strategies for growth.  Within that,  project portfolio management, strategies for innovation,  intellectual property management, laboratory organization, and customer collaboration are all topics of engagement.

Bob retired from 3M company in 2016 as Vice President of Research and Development for Electronics and Energy Business Group.   This business group is one of five within 3M and provides a diverse set of unique materials to virtually all of 3M’s customers in consumer electronics, telecommunications, electrical, and energy renewables markets.  

As R&D vice president, Bob had responsibility for 5 division laboratories, and an Electronics and Energy business group laboratory.  In collaboration with the division laboratory directors, a project portfolio plan was defined and executed that led to a new product creation rate that was 30-40% new measured over consecutive 5 year planning periods.  

Prior to his role as vice president of R&D, Bob was technical director of the Electronic Materials Systems division laboratory.  He was a charter founding member of the division in 2002 with 3 major technology platforms, adhesives and polymers, abrasive materials, and fluorochemicals.  Sales for the division ultimately grew past  $1B by 2011. 

Bob graduated from Iowa State University in 1974 with a BS in Ceramic Engineering.  He joined 3M’s Abrasives Systems division as a member of a team  charged with developing novel fusion cast oxide eutectic abrasive materials, sol gel precursor oxide abrasive materials, and synthetic diamond abrasive materials.    

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