Shipping a Package for Research

First, determine if your material is hazardous:

If you are shipping a hazardous material, preparation of shipment must follow the instructions on EH&S Hazardous Materials Shipping website. You must prepare, document, and ship hazardous materials properly. Ask EH&S if you have any questions.


Never mailed a package from ISU? Do this:

  1. Print an Intramural Purchase Order (IPO) and have your PI sign on the “Approved” line. You may not yet know the price, but your PI can give you a limit and account number. For an IPO: Intramural Purchase Order Download
  2. You must prepare your own package. Any questions must be directed to ISU Postal and Parcel, 515-294-7790. They have a limited amount of free packaging available, or you can find your own box. There is a supply order link on the postal and parcel website if you need to order supplies: Hazardous packages including those with dry ice must have plain cardboard outer boxes. Postal and parcel does not provide such boxes. Do not ask MSE office staff for a box.
  3. Take the IPO and the materials you wish to ship to ISU Postal and Parcel in 184 General Services Building.
  4. ISU Postal and Parcel can help you figure out which carrier and which shipping method to use within your price and time constraints. 

If you have previously mailed a package in the U.S. before:

Go to the ISU Postal and Parcel Services website: and click on Off-Campus Shipping: