University’s Role:

  • Inform students about the program and its advantages
  • Provide information for students about various cooperative education, internship and summer opportunities and employers
  • Assist students through site visits and follow-up evaluations
  • Coordinate with co-op/intern advisors on the academic components of the program
  • Assist employers in implementing or improving co-op, intern and summer positions through site visits, workshops, and feedback
  • Maintain records on students and employers
  • Provide for assessment of experiences

Student’s Role:

  • Enter the program with a clear understanding of its purpose
  • Commit to completing their work terms with a single employer
  • Conform to standards of professional conduct
  • Dedicate themselves to high performance
  • Assist in assessment of experience

Employer’s Role:

  • Create and communicate job plans that give the student a meaningful major-related experience
  • Provide the student with leadership experiences and opportunities to make decisions
  • Conduct the program with enthusiasm and conviction
  • Treat students as assets with full-time potential
  • Return the student to campus as a company ambassador
  • Assist in assessment of experience

For more information, contact Kristen Constant, program director.