Study Abroad

The MSE department encourages students to take advantage of the many study abroad opportunities available supported by the Engineering International Programs Office.  MSE faculty member Scott Chumbley serves as program coordinator for college exchange programs at the University of Birmingham and Brunel University, both located in England.  The department runs a six-week, 6-credit experience on the campus of Brunel University in west London. A three-week trip to Torino is also offered. Classes start in the spring semester and students will finish classes in Italy. MSE faculty member, Dr. Larry Genalo, serves as the Italy program coordinator. Look below for more information.  


MSE Summer Experience in London

The MSE summer program in London involves a six-week stay on the campus of Brunel University, located in Uxbridge, west London.  Although designed specifically for MSE students, the program is open to all engineering majors.  Students receive instruction in two 3-credit classes, Mat E 391: Women’s Roles in Industry and Mat E 392: Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering.  Mat E 391 is co-taught by an instructor from Brunel University and can be used to satisfy the U.S. Diversity requirement for all engineers. Mat E 392 is taught by faculty from ISU and substitutes for either Mat E 272 or Mat E 215.  By being overseas for six weeks students fulfill the college international perspective requirement.

Students wishing to apply should contact Prof. Scott Chumbley,, who manages the program for further details.

For more information see the College of Engineering’s International programs page.Students pursue other university exchange programs and locations on their own as well.

MSE Summer Experience in Italy: Sustainability and Statistics for Engineering Students

MSE offers a shorter summer experience abroad in Torino, Italy. It is a three-week trip that is held after classes are over in May until the beginning of June. Although designed specifically for MSE students, the program is open to all engineering majors. 

The program starts in the spring with a sustainability course at ISU, Mat E 394, which counts in the sustainability minor, possibly also as a technical elective, and as an Engineering Management course in IE. You’ll also start Mat E 316 which counts as Stat 305 for ME, ChE, ABE, and MatE students. Other majors should check with their advisor.

Students will travel to Torino, Italy from May 10 through June 1 and will finish Mat E 394 with Torino professors (in English) and industry tours, including BioChemTex. Students will complete Mat E 316 and will earn 6 credits, 3 in each course.

The trip includes two, 3-day weekends and one 4-day weekend for touring. Torino is located 1 hour from Milan, 2 hours from Florence, or 4 hours from Rome via an excellent train system.

Pre-requisites to attend the trip include Math 165, Chem 167 or 177. Contact Dr. Larry Genalo ( with questions and interest. 

Italy Trip: 

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