Electron Microscopy/X-Ray Diffraction Lab

Location: 3365 Hoover Hall

An important lab at the intersection of characterization and failure analysis, the SEM/XRD lab is used extensively by graduate, post-docs and undergrads- from MSE and outside for research purposes as well as lab classes, like MatE 444- Failure Analysis, MSE 552- SEM, to name a few.

The FEI F50 SEM and the JEOL SEM are used to study sample morphology, and with the EDS in tandem, the chemical composition as well.

The Rigaku XRD is critical for studying the crystal structure of a material and determining its chemical composition, and combined with the adjacent SEM, makes for a potent analysis combination.

For equipment questions, lab concerns, safety problems, or general help in this room, contact the lab coordinator. 

Lab Coordinator: Michelle Grawe, 2220BB Hoover Hall, 515-294-3304

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