MSE Characterization Equipment Training, Access, and Cost

MSE Characterization Equipment Training:

To be authorized to use MSE Characterization equipment, you must have in-person training:

  1. Before requesting training, you must belong to a lab in iLab (see iLab section below for details)
  2. Be sure you have taken and are current on the following safety courses. For employees of ISU (Faculty, Staff, Professional and scientific, Grad students, and undergrads working for a PI) your training is done through Workday Learn.  For undergrads taking a class that requires equipment training outside of lab, your training is handled through Canvas. 
    1. Laboratory Safety: Core Concepts
    2. Fire Safety and Fire Extinguisher Training
    3. Emergency Response Guide Video
  3.  Complete this online training registration form to fill out your information and indicate which equipment you need to be trained to use.
    1. Before you fill out this form, you must know the Worktag you will use to pay for your equipment use.
  4. MSE Lab Staff will contact you about a training time or inform you of any additional safety or equipment training required before in-person training. 
  5. Meet for training with MSE Lab Staff (every user must be trained by MSE Lab Staff). 
  6. Request Key Card access for the lab space when you have scheduled training or after your training is complete: For access to rooms Hoover 3342, 3343, 3347, 3355, 3356, 3362, 3364, 3365 or Gilman 0305, 3113 or 3611, please complete this survey: MSE Shared Labs Access Request. You may not be given access to the lab until all of your safety training is verified and hands-on equipment training is complete.

    If you have any questions, please contact 


MSE uses iLab for equipment scheduling and billing. Please register for an account following the SOP’s below. You can find the website through your Okta portal (you can add the iLab app) or here:

iLab SOP’s:


Internal Costs

Technician costs for all MSE and internal Iowa State users is an additional $40/hour

Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA): $20/hour

Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA): $20/hour

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA): $20/hour

Thermomechanical Analysis (TMA): $20/hour

Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC): $20/hour

Saw Cuts: $5/cut

Mounting: $7 per hour

Polishing: $7 per hour

Vibro-energy Mill: $1 per hour

Tensile Testing: $25/hour

Impact Testing: $2 per sample

Micro-hardness Testing: $22 per hour

Macro-hardness Testing: $5 per sample

FEI Inspect F50 Scanning Electron Microscope: $48/hour

Optical Microscopy: $10/hour

Technician cost is $40/hour additional charge

Our high-temperature furnace designations: 46100, 54500, 46200, 59300
All other designations are low-temperature furnaces

High temperature (over 1100C) $3/hour

Low temperature: $3/hour

Longer runs are capped at $200

X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD): $15/hour, one-hour minimum

Sputter Coating Device: $10 per run: gold, silver, Pt/Pd

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) and UV-vis: $10/hour, one-hour minimum

3D Printer: $2/meter filament fee + $5 sign in fee

GPC: $10/hour, one-hour minimum

Zetasizer: $10/hour, one-hour minimum

Lab Chemicals/Supplies: As used

Miscellaneous equipment: Cost is as agreed upon by user and Lab Coordinator

External Costs

Equipment listed on the shared labs webpage may be available to those outside of the university/industry partners depending on current lab capacity. Please contact for questions or inquiries. 

External rates are double the listed internal rates. 

Technician assistance for all external users is an additional $80/hour.