Heat Treatment Lab


Location: 3362 Hoover Hall

The Heat Treatment Lab sees a lot of users- both research and teaching purposes, on account on the many furnaces that are necessary for synthesis or thermal processing of ceramic and metallic samples. The Fourier Transform InfraRed and UltraViolet-Visible Spectrometers are excellent analytical tools for studying optical properties, identifying and quantifying components amongst a plethora of materials. The lab ovens are routinely used for drying samples, glassware and some unique purposes making use of a vacuum atmosphere. A recent addition to additive manufacturing capabilities is the 3D Printer, whose versatility implies boundless end-user applications to obtain near-net shaped products.

For equipment questions, lab concerns, safety problems, or general help in this room, contact the lab coordinator. 

Lab Coordinator: Michelle Grawe, 2220BB Hoover Hall, 515-294-3304

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