Thermal Analysis/Mechanical Testing Lab

Location: 3364 Hoover Hall

The Differential Scanning Calorimeters, Thermogravimetric Analyzers, Thermomechanical Analyzers and Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers are used extensively for research and teaching purposes, to study the behavior of a material to stress and temperature, i.e.  thermo-mechanical properties.

Senior design groups, MatE/ MSE lab courses, and research personnel also use this lab for the INSTRON Universal Testing Machines and Charpy Impact Testers which characterize mechanical properties of polymers, composites, and metals like modulus, tensile strength, toughness and ductility.

For equipment questions, lab concerns, safety problems, or general help in this room, contact the lab coordinator. 

Lab Coordinator: Michelle Grawe, 2220BB Hoover Hall, 515-294-3304

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Thermal Analysis/Mechanical Testing Lab Equipment